Jazzy Vegetarian Season Six, Filmed at the Drayton Mills!


We are so excited that our new season was filmed at the Drayton Mills in Spartanburg, South Carolina!

Jazzy Vegetarian, Season Six was filmed on a beautiful new kitchen set located in one of the luxury loft apartments in the Drayton Mills. The series’ host, award-winning recording artist and celebrated vegan chef, Laura Theodore, cooks up delicious, nutritious plant-based creations, alongside musical guests like jazz singer, Kelle Jolle; and Broadway choreographer, Chase Brock (with the entire cast of Music Man); and Bollywood writer and producer, Sri Rao; – all served up with jazzylicious tunes on the side. Plus we are so pleased that Tara Sherbert, (owner of Drayton Mills, TMS development and Moxie Investments), joined us in our festive Tex-Mex episode (#605), to make some tasty Cashew Sour Cream with Laura!

“Cooking up some of my personal favorite tasty, healthy, and easy-to-prepare dishes is at the cornerstone of this exciting new season, all filmed in our gorgeous new set at Drayton Mills!” says series host, and popular plant-based chef, Laura Theodore. “I look forward to sharing delicious recipes, festive music, and great-tasting meals, all created in the comfort of our luxury, loft setting.”

With 13 new episodes, Laura shares her mouth-watering entrées in the stunning Drayton Mills kitchen. Main dishes include Teriyaki Kebabs, Sunny Black Bean Burgers, and Gingered Portobello Steaks. And for dessert, Laura has plenty of scrumptious sweets to choose from, like Lively-Lemon Cupcakes, Southern Sweet Potato Pie, and Divine Chocolate Mousse Cake.


So tune in to Season Six of Jazzy Vegetarian, for Laura’s favorite recipes and fabulous guests  - served up in Drayton Mills luxury, with a jazzy twist!


About Jazzy Vegetarian

Jazzy Vegetarian is produced in association with Oregon Public Broadcasting, with support provided by Bertolli. The series premiered nationally on public television in 2011 and has been available for viewing in nearly 90% of all U.S. households. Laura Theodore is a recognized public television food personality, radio host, and popular vegan cookbook author. Learn more at www.jazzyvegetarian.com