More about Laura and Jazzy Vegetarian

Laura Theodore - AKA The Jazzy Vegetarian
 is the NEW celebrity food personality!
“She is dynamic, engaging, vibrant, 
memorable and fun!” 
- Meghan, Key West 
“Completely credible and authentic. Her 
recipes are so easy. I want to make what 
she’s cooking! It’s clear she loves food and 
has worked hard to perfect these recipes!” 
- Jeffrey, Los Angeles 
“Her meatless meatloaf was amazing!  My 
husband is a total carnivore, and he went 
back for seconds and thirds!” 
- Nicole, New York City 
“Inspiring and easy-to-follow.  Kind of like a 
super healthy Martha Stewart!” 
- Rebecca, Brooklyn 
“I really get that she’s a foodie!  Her 
presence and passion remind me of a 
vegetarian version of Giada De Laurentiis 
with a [Sandra Lee], Semi-Homemade twist!” 
- Nathan, Vancouver
“Mainstream Approach to Vegetarianism”
(Program Rating, 5 stars out of 5) Itunes
“This program goes against the stereotype of vegetarianism as a counterculture lifestyle. The hostess, Laura Theodore, looks like the attractive soccer mom next door and has a chatty breezy mainstream persona that makes vegetarianism accessible to someone curious about vegetarians. The program features cooking tips and guests talking about all aspects of vegetarianism. She also is a fine jazz vocalist and features jazz from time to time, which adds an interesting twist to the podcast. If you are looking for angry vegans, look elsewhere. What you find here is a joyful (and jazzy) vegetarian.”
--by Tommy, itunes Reviews

Jazzy Vegetarian: A Delicious blend of food and Music!

Jazzy-licious! Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, blends a passion for plant-based cooking with a taste for jazz. If there's a soundtrack to vegan cuisine, well, it's gotta be jazz, with its adventurous phrasing, spicy combos and intuitive flair. Laura Theodore, the "Jazzy Vegetarian," thinks so too, and she wants everybody to know that the mingling of her two great passions is something everyone can relate to.

As if being a vegan chef and musician weren't enough, Theodore wears a number of other hats, including radio and award-winning television host, published healthy lifestyle author, and award-winning actor. That's what you might refer to as a recipe for success. In fact, Theodore's television cooking series, Jazzy Vegetarian is seen on national public television and her weekly radio show, Jazzy Vegetarian Radio, focuses on accessible, healthy, and delicious recipes, eco-chic entertaining tips, celebrity interviews, and upbeat music, all served up in an entertaining format, with a bit of fun dished out on the side! Each show features interviews with an array of eco-responsible personalities, from Best Selling Authors, Top Doctors and Nutritionists, Grammy and Emmy Award-winning Artists, to Smaller Green Business owners getting the word out about their unique and sustainable products. Jazzy Vegetarian Radio is the first of it's kind to enter the arena of talk/music/lifestyle radio, by offering an entertaining format along with viable solutions for the everyday listener.

Throughout her career, Theodore has focused a great deal of her creative energies on being a recording artist. As a singer and songwriter, Theodore has recorded six solo CDs, including her award winning disc, Tonight's the Night, and her critically acclaimed 2009 release with Joe Beck, Golden Earrings, which was included on the 52nd Grammy List in Best Jazz Vocal category. She has toured throughout the country, performing at numerous major events, such as "A Night of 100 Stars," "The Fire and Ice Ball," and "The American Film Awards."

On the culinary side, Theodore began eating "green" years ago when vegetarian recipes were difficult to come by. To rectify that, like any genuine artist, she began creating her own. Her kitchen philosophy, like her approach to jazz, is to create tasty, nutritious, vegan menu choices, suffused with flavor, flair, and her vibrant personality on the side. Her exploration into the world of vegetarian cooking and green entertaining started when Theodore partnered with Marcy Baskin, author of the seminal "Hingham Grain & Spice Cookbook." Laura also counseled with nutritionist and life extension specialist, Oz Garcia. She became intrigued with developing delicious, accessible recipes based on a diet that included vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and non-animal proteins.

The unique hybrid of entertainment Theodore has cooked up makes good sense. The two art forms, vegan cooking and jazz musicianship, go hand in hand, and the way Theodore goes about creating these two separate but equal arts is a thing to behold. Give Theodore's artistry a listen, a taste, a thought, and see how her recipe for the good life can work for you.